5 Ways To Improve Your Brain Power

Improve Your Brain Power

Think creatively and outside the box, better memory, and better critical thinking ability. These are the qualities that we hope to have in our arsenal. To have these qualities brain power needs to be in the top-notch. It should work efficiently and effectively. The following are 5 simple ways you can improve your brainpower.


1.Left and Right Brain Workout

Left and Right Brain

There are two sides of your brain, left and right. Every human being uses both of their brain sides but dominant on one side. Left brain dominant person more skillful in creativity and artistic side and Right brain dominant person more skillful in the logical and analytical side. To enhance our brainpower, we should be able to use both brain sides comprehensively.

If you are right-hander you are more likely to be a left-brain dominant plus if you are a left-hander you are more likely to be a right-brain dominant person. It is not a straightforward statement because more factors decide your brain side.

Use Less Dominant Hand

There are a ton of things we do daily with our dominant hand. Writing, painting, brushing teeth, picking things up, carrying something we all do this stuff with our dominant hand. Every time we do these types of activities one side of your brain getting stronger and the other side isn’t getting any workout.

Next time you brush your teeth or carrying something try to do it with your less dominant hand. If you are a right-hander do it with your left hand. Writing with your less dominant hand will be hard but it’s a good exercise. More you use your less dominant hand more neuron connections establish in your less dominant hand.

Math Puzzles and Sketching

Math puzzles are a great way to enhance your left brain side. It focuses you to think logically and analytically.  Math puzzle or game occasionally improves the left brain gradually.

Sketching something you saw or drawing something you passionate about is an exceptional way to power up the right brain. I suggest you draw a cartoon of 7,8 sketches that also helps you to think creatively.

2.Exploring New Things

Exploring New Things

Our brain works more efficiently and effectively when we are young. Approximately we use 60%- 90% brain power when we are an infant to a 7-year-old. It feels like we are using more brainpower when we are getting older but it’s not true. What happens is we are getting adapt ho habits and routines. Remember when you drive to your workplace without even knowing or you get off the bus at the correct bus halt without a clear mind.

It’s because we install habits and routines. We mostly do our daily activities without thinking too much. Children are different. They are curious about everything, every incident and ask a lot of questions. They are not adapt to habits and routines so they have to use their brainpower a lot.

Next time you go to the office, don’t use the same routine. Use a different routine to get office and home. Try to read new things or use new technological things that you think too millennial. Asks questions like a baby don’t be shy. It keeps your brain sharp all the time and boosts your brainpower without a weird brain exercise you found on the internet. Because every time you learn or try a new thing there’s a new neuron connection built.

3. Use All Senses

Use All Senses

Using all the senses make a significant impact on the brain. Sight and hearing are the most common ways we use to collect information. The smell, taste, and touch are rarely used to perceive information. So use all 5 senses to stimulate more neurons in your brain.

Next time you go to the kitchen or a restaurant try to guess what in the pot by just smelling. Touch the coins your pocket and try to identify it by just touching. Try to differentiate your wine collection by just tasting it. You can think hundred of ways to use all your 5 senses in a significant way.



Exercise releases a lot of hormones that help you to improve your brain directly and indirectly.

Dopamine-Motivational neurotransmitter

Serotonin– Chemical that makes you happy

BDNF- brain-derived neurotrophic factor-Repair brain cells damaged by stress and accelerates the formation of neural connections which makes you think better and process faster.

While you exercise you boost your metabolic rates which makes you stronger. Exercise also reduces cortisol(hormone of fear) level which makes you implicit opportunities. If you want to gain the most advantage exercise every day. You can find out which time is best for you by your chronotype or you can try something like 20/20/20 formula of Robin Sharma which operates in the morning

Eat Right Food

Eat Right Food

Eating the right food is another whole different topic if we go depth into it. But “We are what we are”, that’s biology. To have an efficiently working brain it needs the right foods to support its cause.

You don’t need to pay for a health course or participate for a health seminar. Follow the Food pyramid. It is more than enough if you are doing regular exercise.



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