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I’m going to tell you a story about myself where I get in the path of psychology, productivity and person development. Hope all you can relate to this story at least once in your life.

When I was growing up I was a brilliant student. Most people told me that I had a real potential for something extraordinary. No lies, I was the smartest student in the class most of the time. I was always in the top 3 in middle school. Not only that, I was a scout, a competitive swimmer, a brilliant chess player and I was happy.

So then I get into higher studies. Soon I was not the smartest in the class. I was not very good at anything. The more I try to study harder I failed and I haven’t done any extracurricular activity to show my potential. I was just a mediocre student who was just waiting for a mediocre college to get a mediocre degree.

There was a time gap between high school and college usually students used to spend on a vacation or a job. I didn’t want to do either. I spend my entire time searching what went wrong in my higher education where a highly promising student became an ordinary person. The time between high school and college changed my whole life. I learn how to learn, I learn the secret of mastering our passion, I learn a lot about  productivity and things I never combined with learning(emotion and exercise)

Even though I did my bachelor’s in statistics and mathematics I feel there’s part of me want to share the knowledge I gained and used to overcome my difficult times. I hope you all find the concepts and lessons here beneficial.