How to use the brain more effectively

We often talk about finding our true passion or maximizing our potential.  So when it comes to achieving our true potential or making a reality of our dreams and visions, the power of the brain has a huge part. That’s why we often talk about the effectiveness of the brain. The more your brain works effectively more you work effectively.

“Tony Buzan” was an educational consultant who authored more than 100 books. He was the proud inventor of amazing thinking technique known as ” Mind Mapping “. He often spoke about the brain and its effectiveness. The following are the 4 tips he demonstrated to use our brain more effectively.

1.Realize the power of your brain

The human brain is far more powerful than a supercomputer. It’s potential is still unknown. Every time they put a boundary the brain busted through that boundary and goes further and further. In other words, everyone is a potential genius. You need to know you have potential.

2. Make your brain your hobby

Once you realize the power of your brain, you should make use of it. According to Tony Buzan, our brain is like a young child. They always learning and using the things they learn. They flourish and become a fully grown human eventually. Once you make your brain hobby by reading, learning new things, creating new things, the brain will reward you in ways you wouldn’t believe. So give your brain adventures persist.

3. Use your left and right brain

The Human brain consist of two main parts

  1. Right brain
  2. Left brain

Left and Right Brain

As the preceding image described, Scientists believe that each part of the brain is dominant with specific types of skills. To achieve the peak potential of the brain both sides of the brain need to be used in harmony with each other.


4. Daydream

In our society, daydreaming considered incompetence or bad academic potential. But according to Mr.Buzan, daydreaming can either make you or break you. Great geniuses, history makers, respected leaders all have a vision that most of us considered as a daydream.  The difference is they all work hard and passionately to succeed in their daydream. It’s up to you whether your daydream wastes your time or make you a legend.

Have the attitude of believing yourself that your brain has the potential and capability of becoming a genius. Work towards your goal and be patient.


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