Robin Sharma’s 20/20/20 Rule for Superhuman Productivity

Robin Sharma is a legendary leadership and elite performance expert and mentored a lot of clients including famed billionaires and professional sports stars. He authored a book called 5 AM Club which is all about elevating our life by owning the morning. It was such an inspirational book that could Continue Reading

Why you need to wake up early in the morning?

Before we get into the discussion, Let’s clear the idea. Everyone is not an early riser. As I demonstrated before there are 4 Chronotypes(Sleeping types) namely Lions, Bears, Wolves, and Dolphins. Only lions who are about 15%-20% in the world population are early risers. Some bears lean more towards lions, Continue Reading

What is your Chronotype?(Perfect time to sleep)

Everybody needs sleep. It’s essential that we have a good night’s sleep and everybody knows that. What everybody doesn’t know is Everybody’s sleep needs are different. According to Dr.Michael Breus, there are 4 types of sleep types and their needs are different. These types are known as Chronotypes and each Continue Reading