Why Exams Are Important?

Why exams are important?

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how talented you are, how educated you are most of the time you have to prove it the world that you are. That’s when exams come into play. To work in some fields as professionalism you have to have certified qualifications.¬†Exams do a pivotal job to ensure that you are qualified.

We are living in a time where everyone is a CEO, Founder of some startup and everyone wants to create the next Facebook, Instagram or Uber. Because Entrepreneurship is the “thing” now. In the past decade with the emergence of ungraduated billionaires like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg people tend to believe quitting college and founding some startup is the best move. But what people don’t realize is that formal education and exams are the better way for someone and millions of people are successful by following that path.

To show that formal education is still a good way, I gather 6 reasons why exams are important.

1. Exams Compel Students To Learn

Most students study because they know that an exam is coming. This may be not the best method to learn something but there are a lot of subjects we should learn to live in the modern world. Sometimes we should learn because maybe we have true potential for some subjects and we didn’t discover because we thought it was not interesting. Exam compels us to learn these subjects and identify our interests and potentials.

2. Exams Pave The Way To Certified Qualifications

In most fields today it’s essential to have certified qualifications to work as a professional. It doesn’t matter how much you know about diseases you can’t treat a patient as a doctor without a medical license.¬† It doesn’t matter how much you know about the law you have to be an attorney at law to represent someone at the court. These criteria apply to a lot of fields including engineering, psychology, architecture and many more.

3. Exams Test Your Capability To Achieve Something

Exam just not test your memory. Most of the exams today expect you to apply theory to real-life problems. It tests your IQ, creativity and writing skills. To face an exam a lot of students take desperate measurements. It tests your patience, mind state, ability to work under pressure, hard work and many more skills than a good memory. Overall exams test your ability to achieve something in a given amount of time.

Why exams are important?

4. Exams Improve The Communication Ability

To pass an exam you have to properly communicate with another person(mostly by words). Nevertheless, without skills of proper communication that others understand, you wouldn’t pass even though you are an expert on the subject. Exams force you to learn better writing, listening, reading and speaking skills that help you to achieve more than a mere exam.

5. Exams Give A Idea About Our Knowledge

There’s a psychological fact saying “Less you know more you think you know”. It means without proper and deep knowledge about a particular subject we tend to believe we know a lot about that. That’s why most of the students think that they can pass an exam very highly but don’t get expected results. Exams always test yourself and destroy that delusion. It’s a great way to test and measure ourselves of a certain subject and realize whether we are good or bad in that subject

6. Exams Test Ourselves

Exams test us in many ways as above mentioned and it gives a proper idea about who we are. It shows that we have potential in some areas and force us to think twice about following something we are not good at.


Why exams are important?

Exams are important. Formal education is still a way to be successful. But remember the whole point of this article is that you are the one who chose your career path. Whether it be formal or informal don’t depend on the “trend” do what best for you and you are most passionate.

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